Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wow - It's Been A While

. . . yeah, like almost a year. I'm thinking I'm going to have a deliberate effort to get back posting on some kind of regular basis.

I had a conversation with someone at work today, and it came about that I openly admitted to the fact that I am a happily cynical bastard. To any one who knows me, this shouldn't be any great surprise. But to a lot the people I work with, who really only see me in a professional setting, this can be a bit of a shock. That the was the case today. The person I was talking to kept trying to laugh it off, obviously thinking that I just kind of joking around. Yeah, right! I am a bastard - usually it's a fairly good-natured form of being a bastard. But every so often, heh, not so much!

Anyway, this conversation got me thinking about how I've described my bastardness in the past, which brought me back a post I wrote a few years ago. Rereading it, I came to the realization that when I was taking the time and effort to come up with interesting and/or fun thing to post, I enjoyed it. It was a chance to 'speak' about things and in ways that I couldn't do the majority of the time around the office in grad school. And now, I'm finding myself confined by the same limitations, if not more so, at my current job.

I think I miss that outlet.

So, I'm going to be making a deliberate effort to post more often (of course, seeing how it's been nearly a year since my last post, that's not really going to be hard to beat). We'll see how it goes, but I'm going to try to get at least 1 or 2 posts out every week. So, be on the look out for more rants, complaints, hatred, and general bastardness - I'm back!