Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Why are they planning to start showing Star Trek TNG on BBC America?!?!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings

Yeah, not a fan of this. I understand where it comes from, and I understand what some people might like about it, but having lived in Arizona and Hawai'i where you don't have to deal with this crap I can say for certain that I would be far happier without Daylight Savings.

Let's face it - it's just kind of a pain in the ass.

And I don't just mean the loss of an hour's sleep every Spring (and I don't care what anyone says, getting an hour back in the fall does NOT make up for it!). There's also the remembering to reset every single bloody clock in the house. The one I hate resetting the most - because I never remember it the first time - is the clock on the thermostat. We have the thermostat set so that it turns the heat way down over night when we're asleep and it only comes back on about 1/2 an hour before we get it. Talk about a nasty fucking surprise when you wake up on a Monday morning to find it's still fucking freezing in the house because the heat hasn't kicked on because you forgot to change the thermostat clock (and, yes, I do realize there are far too many "because's" in that sentence, just go with it dammit). And while it is, in fact, a nice perk that my slippers end up in the front of the heating vent so they are nice and warm when I wake up, as I said, that's just a perk. The real issue is that getting up to a cold house simply sucks. I often have enough trouble getting up in the morning as it is; when it's still cold, it's even harder. And you have exactly the opposite problem in the fall if you forget to reset the clock on the thermostat; you spend the last hour of 'sleep' tossing, turning, and sweating because the house is now warm but you're still under the blankets (that's part of the reason that "But you get an extra hour in the fall" argument doesn't mean shit - an hour spent tossing and turning because you're too warm is NOT the same thing as an hour of SLEEP!).

Another problem is simply remembering that it's coming around again. And, yeah, I know the switches are on the same weekend every year (and then they had to go and change which weekends were used). I'm busy. I'm very often distracted with other things. There are days I consider myself lucky if I can remember which day of the week it is. Remembering which weekend I'm supposed fiddle with the clocks? Good fucking luck on that one. Hell, I had no fuckin' idea this last weekend was Daylight Savings until I heard a reminder on the bloody Weather Channel of all places!

Think about it. No more playing with clocks. No more fucking with your sleep schedule twice a year. No more Daylight Savings.

Yep - Arizona and Hawai'i have it right. Fuck Daylight Savings!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Have Fun Puking Your Guts Out

I just saw a commercial for a shrimp taco from Taco Bell. This frightens the hell out of me.

And not because I'm not a real big fan of fish tacos in general.

It's because I've heard too many stories about the way Taco Bell kitchens "function." Let's just say that even the folks we knew who worked there were known to call it "Toxic Hell."

When you add seafood to, what is in my opinion, a rather dubious kitchen situation, I'm just waiting to hear of someone getting some seafood-related illness with more syllables in its name than shrimp have legs.

And because of a well developed sense of self-preservation, I have absolutely no interest in being that particular someone. Instead, I will go with my usual technique - when it happens, I'm just going to point and laugh!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stupid Work Ethic

I really don't want to go to work today. Unfortunately, there are things which I really should get done today before we go out of town tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Curling . . .

"If I can compare it to golf, two sports invented by the Scots I'm convinced to drive us crazy . . ." ~announcer during the US/Japan women's curling event today.

What can I say? We Scots do love to fuck with people!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice Problems

If you've been watching the Olympics this evening, you may have seen the report that they were having problems with the ice for the 500M Speed Skating event. This lead to more than an hour long delay.

The problem?

The zambonis were broken . . . all three of them.

Come on! This is Canada! There have to be some spares somewhere nearby!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Definition of . . .


Slovakia women's hockey team against Canada. (See also: "Ass-kicking")

Currently about 6 minutes left in the second period, the score is 12-0 Canada.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Current Conditions

I'm sitting here watching hockey (Avs/Thrashers, 1-1 end of the 1st), reading webcomics, slightly bummed about the fact that Journey's and my trip to Hawai'i has been postponed two weeks because of the so-called "snowmagedon" in DC (our connecting flight through there for tomorrow was canceled a little after 9:00 AM this morning), listening to the snow melting and dripping into the attic, and wondering how much longer until those drips start coming through the ceiling.

On the plus side, I'm fairly confident that the Avs will win tonight, we're still going to Hawai'i in two weeks, it should get cold enough tonight to freeze most of the water on the roof so the leak will stop (temporarily at least), and our house-buying project continues forward. Hopefully, we'll be closing and moving real soon now.

Things could be worse.

2/11 7:40AM UPDATE: Well, I was right about the Avs winning. 4-3 in OT.

Monday, February 08, 2010

You Need A New Advertising Firm

Whoever is designing the current Radio Shack television ad campaign needs to be fired (preferably out of a cannon, but just from the job will do). These are some of the most annoying commercials out there right now. They aren't exactly making me want to shop at Radio Shack; if anything, I'd go elsewhere because of the commercials. If the ads you're paying for are actually driving away business, you need to rethink your strategy; if you don't, all I can say is you're going to get what you deserve!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

And the Big Brass Balls Award Goes To . . .

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton for calling a on-sides kick to open the second half of the Super Bowl.


That's my general reaction to The Who's halftime performance during the Superbowl. Their playing was just fine, but the vocals were kind of so-so. Granted, they're not in the their mid-20s any more, but Roger Daltrey kind of sounded like he had just smoked an entire carton of cigarettes and downed a case of whiskey at a few points. I'm just not sure he can really do that kind of rock anymore (sadly).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay, Yeah, I Like This

I am so digging on these crock-pot bags they're making now.

We've had a crock-pot for years but just recently bought a box of the bags you just throw away afterward.

Crock-pots a great. You can just turn them on and let dinner cook all day. Clean-up, however, is usually a pain the ass. You have wait for it cool down, and then you got it fit it in the sink, and then scrub it out, and then let it dry before you can put it away.

With the bag you just pull the bag out, throw it away, and then put the crock-put back in the cupboard. This makes me happy.

And, yes, I am a guy and I do cook. Fuck off.