Friday, March 09, 2007

Ya Think?

Justice Department Says F.B.I. Misused Patriot Act, from New York Times online.


JanieBelle said...

I was listening to stories about this on NPR today. The shocking part is that anyone is actually shocked by this.

There were politicians pontificating everywhere, saying dumbass shit like "We may need to revisit the Patriot Act" and "The FBI has now shown that perhaps we may have given it a little more latitude than it can handle".

I swear I was yelling at the radio, "YA FUCKIN' THINK?"

I swear there's some alternate reality that some people live in to which I'm not privy.

Feemus said...

Hmmmm....we give the government the authority to search our homes without warrants, to detain us without filing charges, to avoid due process and then THEY ABUSE THE POWER?

Sheesh--I'm with janiebelle: it's shocking that anyone's shocked. Or that they're surprised.