Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Don't Insult Us Because We're Young

John McCain just told a young man that he probably never even heard of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac before this economic collapse.

And fuck you very much, Mr. McCain.

Believe me, just because we're young that does not mean we're stupid. I would bet that at least a small majority of people my age, in fact, HAVE heard of both of these institutions and have at least some idea of what they do.


Erin said...

the guy who asked the question shared a laugh with Barack when McCain said that. Also, I actually said, OUT LOUD, "WHHHAAAA???"

I learned about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at the same time I learned about the rest of government, in civics class. I guess McCain himself doesn't even buy into the "effectiveness" of the No Child Left Behind program.


Propsqueen said...

Dear RH -

Just so you know:

- The Fundamentals of our Economy are strong. And the word Fundamentals now means the American worker, which means the more Fundamentals we send to fight wars in countries that we don't belong in we're still destroying our economy.

- McCain invented the blackberry

- Palin likes to think of Obama as a Terrorist, and when Putin rears his head in our airspace, she can see it from her front porch.

- Health care is a responsibility of the people, who have no ability to fight the insurance companies that he intends to give that $5000 straight to...

- Drill baby drill... need I say more?

So why exactly are you surprised that he insinuated that the American people knew nothing about Freddie and Fannie.