Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deep Thoughts While Watching Football

Yes, I'm watching pre-season on a Thursday night, no I'm not drinking (got work tomorrow).

And while watching this game, I have come to an important realization. If your beer has to be ice cold to be drunk, you're drinking shit beer. Real, good beer is often best at just below room temperature. If you can take it out of a cool, dark cupboard and it's ready to drink, it's good beer.

This is because being just a little warm means that the beer is going to release more of its flavor and aroma. There's a reason they serve Guinness warm in the UK.

If, on the other hand, you have chill the beer until it's cold enough the label is changing colors, it's because you have deaden the flavor and smell in order to get it down.

Okay, so it's not really a deep thought. Give me a break; it's almost the end of the week, I'm tired, and I'm watching football. You're probably lucky I'm thinking at all!

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Erin R said...

Look... if my can turns blue, then I know it is as cold as the Rockies. Ergo ... it is good to put on achy muscles. Other uses could be to reduce the swelling on a sprained wrist/ankle or perhaps (though never tested) reduce swelling on a black eye much like a bag of peas or a cold slab of meat. If placed in a cooler, it will then keep my ACTUAL beer cold much like ice without all the excess moisture. AND when the cans are no longer blue, I know my beer is in trouble. I'm sure that's what they mean by beer insurance!!