Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Maybe I'm A Conspiracy Nut . . . Or Maybe Not

Am I the only one who has noticed that, in the week or so leading up to the mid-term election primaries, gas prices have suddenly dropped? There is a part of me convinced that is not just coincidence. I'm thinking that the oil companies dropped their prices as a favor to W and the GOP. If people aren't constantly pissed off at how much they have to pay at the pump, does it help Republican candidates running for office this year? I don't know, I simply raise the question.

But, let's consider a few things here:
1. There was recently another war in the Middle East, in addition to the various other on-going wars. Violence in the Middle East never helps oil prices go down. Basic concept of supply and demand. Demand stays high (or even goes higher), but the supply goes down with an increase in violence. Result: prices go up.

2. W is from an oil family and many big oil friends. Okay - so this one is a little old and tired, but there is some truth here. One of the most basic human impulses is that of self-preservation. Which in today's world usually means economic self-preservation. I just don't really see an oil man wanting to lower gas prices. Doesn't make sense.

3. The bp pipeline in Alaska has been closed down. Back to that whole troublesome supply and demand thing.

Maybe it's just me (and I freely admit that I'm a historian, not an economist so I may not have all the facts or understand all the nuances here), but none of this seems to add up to gas prices going down. So what is the explanation? I still wonder if has something to do with the elections coming up in a few weeks.

Sidenote: VOTE! I won't tell you who or what to vote for, but I will tell you to actually get up off the couch and go vote. And don't even think about giving me any of that "One vote doesn't matter" crap! Arizona held our primary elections yesterday and there was actually a proposition which was decided by ONE vote! (Peoria Prop. 400, see it toward the bottom of this page).

Anyway, I have now done my part. I've pulled the pin on the political/conversational hand-grenade and lobbed it! Let the fall out begin!


Journey said...

Perhipherally-related observation: The couple of Alaskans I know tell me that most oil out of Alaska gets sold in foreign markets, anyway. I have not checked the veracity of this statement, I just consider the source(s) reasonably reliable.

Theodore Trumblebunks, I, Esq. said...

You're alleging some sort of inside deal between Big Oil and the GOP? Have you no shame, rogue?

Big Oil is the rising tide that lifts all other boats; when Big Oil does well, so does the free market. Why do you hate the free market and prefer Communism?

Why do you hate America?

-Theodore Trumblebunks, I, Esq.