Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In Town Once More

What's this? The RogueHistorian is actually back in town?!? I know, it seems unbelievable given the last month or so, but it's true. I'm actually in town again for a while. With the exception of weekend trips to Tucson to actually see my fiancee, I should be around most of the time for the next few months.

It's not that I have a great longing to be in the Phoenix area or anything like that. No, the reason is much simpler: classes have started again. And I already know it's going to be a busy semester. Besides my normal work for The Overlord, I'll have four classes (which is a heavy load for grad school). And Tuesday's are going to be my long day of the week. I work for The Overlord in the morning, have one class in the middle of the day, and then another class from 5:30 to 8:30 in the evening. This basically guarantees that I will be putting in more than twelve hours on Tuesdays. I'm just jumping for joy.

In other news, I'm having the great fun of searching for a new roommate (it's simply too expensive around here to live any place half-way decent without a roommate). He has decided to go back to school for his MLS (Masters of Library Science, not Major League Soccer - and on a brief side note, the idea of David Beckham playing for anyone but Man U is still weird to me). I cannot fault him for deciding to go back to school - it's hard to make a real living as a librarian without one. But he's going to a school back East, so he's moving out at the end of this month. Luckily, I'm currently in contact with someone who's interested and sounds like a good roommate, so hopefully that will work itself out in short order.

Oh yeah, I also received a notice for jury duty next month. Fortunately, the day they said I might have to serve is a day I don't have class, just work for The Overlord. And he feels that preforming one's civic duty is more important that working for him, so I'm in the clear there. Of course, the Maricopa County court system can't actually tell if I'll be needed until after 4:30 PM the day before, so I no idea if I'll actually have to serve until then. The Overlord has assured me, however, that if I tell them I'm actually capable of logical and rational thought, they'll dismiss me right away. Sounds about right to me!

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Brett said...

I don't know if I'd want you on any jury trying me! ;)