Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Fun than a Clown Car on Fire

If you don't mind a bit of twisted humor, check out Foamy the Squirrel at iLL WiLL PreSS. I will warn you, this is twisted humor and not necessarily for the little ones or the easily offended. It updates every two weeks, so you can just check in every now and then. The current episode is on the possitive influence of Mexicans in America. DO NOT start ranting about illegal immigration (that means you, Theodore!) - that's NOT what this episode is about. Just watch it!

As someone living in Arizona, the influence of Mexican society is just a given - and in my mind, it's a welcome thing.

Also, anyone who either works in or deals with tech support should go to Friends of Foamy and check out episode 57, aptly named "Tech Support," in the archives.


JanieBelle said...

"More Fun than a Clown Car on Fire"

Hi Rogue! Y'know, blipey might take a small exception to that remark.

Just so y'know...

JanieBelle and Kate

RogueHistorian said...

Well, I certainly don't want to offend blipey. How about I promise that any clown cars I set on fire will be empty of clowns - except for any politicians who might happen to have gotton "stuck" (most politicians are clowns, right?)