Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Randomness for July 26, 2006

Random Quote:
It's foolish to bet on a horse without talking to him first. I know it seems silly to ask a horse who's going to win a race - but it's no sillier than asking anyone else. ~ Grace Allen

Question of the Moment:
Why do people care so damn much about the offspring of celebrities?

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jbwritergirl said...

When it's a slow news day everyone cares about celebrity babies. It's always better to read about them than the alternative.

JanieBelle said...

Why do people care so damn much about the offspring of celebrities?


And thanks for the link in your blogroll! That's very sweet of you.

JanieBelle and Kate

e_doe said...

i'm not up-to-date on my celebrity babies, so i don't know which specifc tots you mean. I can say that i was thoroughly disgusted by all the news coverage of the jolie-pitt baby. I mean, they did have an affair while he was married and the baby couldn't have been conceived very long afterward. But i'm oddly conservative when it comes to marriage. That's why I've never done it. I can't live up to my own standards. But about the babies. I suspect that most people actually secretly hope the celebrity babies are ugly and that's why they care. There's a chance that my outlook on humanity in general is quite low.