Monday, June 19, 2006

Best webcomic ever!

I' ve been reading this comic for a while, and have decided that more poeple need to know of it. It's called "Anywhere But Here" and is by Jason Siebels. If you haven't seen this yet, you need to. It's all about "The Dude" and his life in North Dakota. The Dude (whose real name is never revealed) surrounded by a group of mildly disfunctional friends, including Death, his own personal demon, Bill, and his girlfriend, Chris. The Dude is a lover of Jazz and would love to see Kenny G die a horrible death. The comic has a wicked and often very dry and cynical humor to it - just my style. Anyway, check it out!


James said...

I'm fond of myself.

RogueHistorian said...

Ah, yes, pvp is another great one, but abh really appeals to my slightly twisted, slight cynical sense of humor!