Monday, June 26, 2006

Has it Really Been That Long?

I can hardly believe that it's nearly been a year for two major events in my life:

1. I quit smoking the start of last June. I've only slipped up once since then. I was out with friends, had a lot to drink, they decided to have a smoke, and next thing I knew I was sucking one down myself. I know I'm better off for having quit, but I still miss it. A smoke with my coffee in the morning or one with a beer while watching the game - these were great things!

2. This next month, it will be year since April and I started going out. We had met prior to that (April 14th of last year - see, ladies, some of us guys actually can remember important dates), but it was last July when we actaully went on our first date. This is a good thing!

It's sometimes amazing how fast a year can go by, isn't?

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