Thursday, June 28, 2007

New NHL Uniforms

Beginning this coming season, NHL teams are going to have new uniforms. The new unis will be designed and produced by Reebok. They'll include a tighter fit and a different fabric which is intended to move better and keep the players cooler. At the same time, teams have been given the opportunity to redesign their uniforms' look. While information is still a little scarce, a few teams have unveiled their plans. The Boston Bruins, for example, have only made a slight change to theirs. The primary logo has changed slightly, and the secondary logo (on the shoulder) has been redesigned.
Other teams are going for a whole new look, most notably the Washington Capitals. They have completely scrapped their old unis and colors.

Here's the old uniformAnd here is the new one:And in addition to what we do know, there is plenty of speculation as to what other teams' new uniforms will look like. NHL Digest has a series of potential designs for a few teams. Of particular interest to me, of course, is the new Colorado Avalanche uniform.
I could live with this. As it is, my current jersey is out of date. I have a old Rob Blake white home jersey. Rob Blake is no longer with the Avs, his number now belongs to John-Michael Liles, and white is now the away color. Unfortunately, hockey jerseys tend to be rather expensive, so I don't think I'll be able to replace mine anytime soon. Of course, on the plus side, the wearing of old style jerseys is a perfectly acceptable practice for hockey fans, so there's no real hurry!


propsqueen said...

Hmmm... hot hockey guys in tight uniforms, not sure how the guy I'm dating would take that.

RogueHistorian said...

Apparently, each uniform will be measured and cut to the specific player.

And when have you ever avoided drooling over any "hot hockey guy", regardless of who you might be dating? Besides, if he is going to have problem with it, he should just get over it now because I don't thiking you're going to be able to quit that particular habit anytime soon!

propsqueen said...

I agree... and by the way, it's good to know I'm not the only one bored out of my mind at work.