Thursday, October 12, 2006

Answer the Damn Phone

I was trying to get a hold of one of my colleagues tonight. I left a message on their voice mail around 5:00 PM. I tried again at about 7:00, and then every half hour or so after that (I really needed to talk to this person) with no luck. Finally, a few minutes ago, she called me back. She said she hadn't answered because she didn't know it was me. Okay - fine, she didn't have my number entered right in her phone, so it didn't come up with my name. But, damn girl! Try listening to your voice mail! If she had done that, she would have heard the message I left at 5:00, in which I told her it was me and left my real number. For fuck's sake, why have voice mail if you're not going to listen to it!

And before you ask, she does not have internet access at home (really! I'm not joking here) so I couldn't just send her an email.

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