Wednesday, October 04, 2006



JanieBelle said...


but let me qualify that by saying that our all time favorite player is also our all time least favorite general manager.

Is Bobby Clarke really too old to strap the skates back on? We'd really rather see him on the ice than in the front office.

Justin Williams? John LeClair? Mark Recchi? Kim Jonsson? Donald BASH-YOUR-EAR? Michal Handzus?


RogueHistorian said...

Well, he did get you Peter Forsburg from my Avalanche. But, in general, yeah, he was a better scater than GM. Afterall, he won the Hart Trophy 3 times and was a captain for 10 of his 15 years.

JanieBelle said...

There's no denying the play of Forsburg, but here's my bitch about going after him...

In order to get him, he had to make room under the cap, and that meant letting LeClair go. At that point we had a team that had made a good run at the playoffs despite having been decimated by injury, especially on the blue line. We had a team that was just coalescing, and learning to play together as a team. It was a team with a damned good shot at greatness. As I recall, it was not long after JR had left (I'm still smarting about that, too) but we still had quality stuff that just needed ice time together.

Our young kids were coming along (Justin Williams, for instance) and our only youngin' having issues really was Joni Pitkanen. Whenever the defense lost the handle on a puck inside our own line, it was Pitkanen. Whenever a bad pass across the crease wound up a turnover to a free enemy forward, it was Pitkanen. Whenever there's a player not on the table, it's Pitkanen, despite the fact that he's still the one dropping pucks and muffing passes.

Johnsson, meanwhile, was solid. Never dropped a pass, never missed a check, and has a blast from the blue line that makes goalies wince and cry for their mamas.

And look at who we're getting for all these trades. Petr Nedved? Great player, but well past his prime. And he's the best of the lot!

It almost seems like the Flyboys have become the official training ground for the NHL, as well as the official retirement home.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a little miffed about breaking up a really good team.


JanieBelle said...

Have you seen This Big News?