Monday, October 30, 2006

Too Strange To Be False

I caught this story through today. It's about a man in Ohio who is suing a discount drugstore because, he claims, a tight pair of orthopedic shoes cost him three toes so far, and possibly more. He says that the shoes were mis-sized, and he was told that they simply needed breaking in. Okay - first of all, you're buying fitted orthopedic shoes from "Discount Drug Mart." I guess I can accept the whole wanting to save money thing (I mean, I'm an engaged grad student - I know what it's like to be short on money). But still, Discount Drug Mart? Can't you at least spring for Famous Footware or something? Second, you would think somebody would be smart enough to figure out if your shoes are so tight as to start causing this kind of damage, you should probably stop wearing them! We're not exactly talking rocket science here - hell, we're not even talking high school science!

I think we have an excellent candidate for the Carlos Mencia video I posted.

UPDATE: TUESDAY 10/31, 12:50PM

We have another person to add to this list. reports (here) that an Orlando Magic fan has been banned from all NBA games for the season because he called Huston Rocket's center Dikembe Mutombo a "monkey." The fan says he simply used "poor judgment." Gee, ya think?

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