Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fall in the Valley

It appears that fall has finally actually arrived in the Phoenix Valley. How can I tell? Well, there are a number of signs.

  • The a/c is not running constantly.

  • You can sit outside in the day without wanting to set yourself on fire to cool off.

  • People are leaving their windows open all day.

  • You think about putting on a jacket or wearing a long sleeve shirt in the mornings and evenings (you probably don't actually do it, but you at least think about it).

  • The D-backs are done; the Coyotes have started; the Suns are about to start; and the Cardinals have proven that they, once again, suck.

  • You can drive around without your a/c.

  • Sitting outside actually sounds like a good idea.

  • You open the sliding glass door and close the screen door on your porch - resulting in your roommate making a fool of himself by walking into the screen door when he goes out to smoke.

  • The number of "trust-afarians" (young adults, usually white, who dress and try to act like rastas/hippies, but have rich parents who will send them money while they try to "find themselves") increases on a daily basis.

  • The snow-birds are starting to come back.

  • You hear tourists say "You know, I could stand to live here."

  • You start to get both hot and cool water from your taps.
There are other signs, of course, but those are the ones coming to mind right now.

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Journey said...

I rather think the Cardinals are still working off some longterm juju from having initially been the *Phoenix* Cardinals. Tucsonans have very little sense of humor about this sort of thing, and there are an awful lot of us. And when you get that much ill-will focused in the same direction for quite some time . . . I think it just takes awhile to dig out.